Help Keep Odessa & Midland Beautiful

Help Keep Odessa & Midland Beautiful

Let’s take pride in our cities, we share the roads, schools, churches, restaurants movie theaters. It takes a group effort to keep a city or county looking nice. You have likely heard of the most common tips to reduce pollution, so we decided to point out a few not so common tips that you can implement to help your town shine.

  1. Plastic Bags – It is no surprise this was going to be mentioned. Plastic grocery bags are light, they do not decompose easily, and they get stuck in bushes and mesquite trees. Even removing them from mesquite trees is a hassle as the bags usually tear when you pull on them. Our advice, use recyclable or paper bags. If more people do this than those, who don’t we will notice significant improvement.
  2. Tie your bags – This tip is rarely mentioned. Make sure you tie your bags before throwing them in your trash container. Bags that are not tied do not container smaller trash components that will fly out when the garbage truck is driving down the highway or when the trash is disposed of in a landfill. We all know Odessa & Midland are windy cities, just imagine all the light items of trash you dispose flying around town.
  3. Fence your property – Fencing your property helps container waste from flying inside or outside your house. Loose trash tends to stick to fence line, at this point it is just a matter or picking it up, but half the work is done.
  4. Going for a walk? – Maybe you exercise at a gym or track field. Pick a day out of the month to instead take a walk around the neighborhood and take some gloves along with a bag. Your neighbors will love you.
  5. Close your dumpster lids – If you have ever come outside to see a pack of dogs got inside your trash container, you are familiar with the mess they leave behind. This can all be avoided by keeping your lids closed, animals will have a difficult time getting inside the container.

We hope these tips encourage you to take action to clean your city clean. Remember to check with the city for the next keep Odessa/Midland beautiful, we are looking forward to participate.

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