Illegal dumping in your container

Illegal dumping in your container

As you’re walking out to take the trash, you’re shocked to see someone has filled up your container with their own trash. They didn’t leave any space to throw your trash, they filled your container to the top. You can’t close the lids and they even left trash next to the container. This is an unfortunate situation many of our customers have experienced. You are paying for the service, no one else should be allowed to throw anything inside your container without your permission. Why should you pay for someone else’s trash? Disposing of trash in someone else’s container without their permission is the equivalent to walking out the store without paying for an item. The state of Texas seems to agree it is illegal and even has a code for this event. Disclaimer: Please note this is not legal advice, this is simply information on our opinion on how to deal with illegal dumping situations based on our experience.

Unauthorized Use of Another Person’s Dumpster -Penal Code 31.04 HSC 365.012

“The unauthorized use of another person’s dumpster, including the unauthorized use of a business dumpster is a crime. You may be punished under the Texas Penal Code for Class B Misdemeanor Theft or for Illegal Dumping. If the dumpster has not been rented by you, or you do not have permission of the owner/lessee, you are committing a crime when you use it.”

What can you do to prevent this? You have options to fight illegal dumping inside your container. We would advise, if you have never experienced this issue, chances are you won’t have to do anything. If you are already dealing with this problem, here are a few strategies you can take.

  1. If you know who is dumping inside your container, kindly ask them to stop. They may not know it is a private container.
  2. If the problem persists, you can get a lock from our office for a $5 monthly rental. The driver has the same key, so you do not need to worry about unlocking the container on your service day.
  3. If you chose to not get a lock, we can relocate your container to a more visible area that will discourage illegal dumping, but this does not always solve your issue. You can also place your container inside your property, but keep in mind garbage trucks are heavy and backing in/out creates a safety hazard. If it rains our trucks would leave tire marks on your property, we do not take responsibility for damages inside your property if you chose to have the container inside your property. Parked cars in front of the container will be more common with this option, not allowing us to service your container.
  4. Ultimately you can report the illegal dumpers. You would need to collect evidence such as video, trash they disposed, etc.

In conclusion we recommend the $5 lock as we have seen it is the most effective, it promotes a friendly relationship with your neighbors and liberates you from the ongoing repercussions to other strategies.

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