Safety around garbage trucks

Safety around garbage trucks

Kids love watching the garbage truck pull up. It’s astonishing to see a trash eating machine lift a heavy metal container in the air, empty out the trash and crushing it in a matter of a few seconds. We are just as excited to see their enthusiasm. You dogs may not be huge fans of garbage trucks near their homes, since it is their natural obligation to defend you, they do not appreciate a trash eating machine near your house. It is ok, we do not take it too personal when dogs are not as welcoming to the garbage trucks.

Jokes aside, let us talk about safety around the garbage trucks. We make it our #1 mission to provide you quality service while following safety protocols. To achieve the safest work and home environment, we need your help. Here are a few rules you should follow and discuss in your next family meeting.

  1. You should NEVER allow your dogs or children to be close to the garbage truck on any occasion. Our staff is trained on safety measures to bring awareness of people or pets that are around the garbage truck, however you need to also educate your family on the hazards of being close to a garbage truck. You should always keep a distance of at least 25’ from a garbage truck, even if it is parked. If you need to speak to the driver, make sure you get his attention from far away before approaching the truck. Never walk up to the truck if the driver has not acknowledged you and engaged the vehicles parking brake.
  2. Place your container as far away from your home as you can. We understand this is not always an option, but, if possible, you should keep it far away from your home.
  3. Containers are not toys. You should never play on or around the trash container. Never climb inside the container.
  4. You should NEVER walk behind a garbage truck. These units are large and have blind spots. Children are more vulnerable, as they are excited to see the garbage truck in action, they will sprint in the direction of the garbage truck. Teach your children to watch the garbage truck from a safe distance, preferable from inside your home. If you have pets, we recommend keeping them indoor, within a fenced area, or on a leash, as dogs will run towards garbage trucks. This can be dangerous if the driver does not see your pet.
  5. Never Park your car or other equipment close to your container, even though our drivers are trained on how to operate the carriage assembly to service your container, the possibility of a container slipping off and falling always exists. This is a strong reason why you should NEVER get close to a garbage truck or park anything too close to your container.
  6. Keep your container in the alley or the side of the street. If you absolutely must have your container inside your property, please inform us, we will evaluate and inform you if it is safe to place your container in the property, but keep in mind it is always safer to have the container by the street or the alley.

Never assume these tips are common sense, it takes just a few minute to go over these tips with your friends and family, together we can provide you with safe and quality service.

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