Why West Tex Disposal

Tex Disposal

There are a lot of reasons why you want to use West Tex Disposal for your trash service solutions. We are a locally owned business, however we offer the great service you expect from a local and corporate business. By being locally owned management has a direct connection with your personal service, we there’s not 20 people in between trying to figure out how to service your container.

Largest Company
We are the newest company with the most customers in the Odessa Midland area. There is a great reason why, take a short drive and you will run into one of our containers.

Superior Service
Nobody in the Odessa Midland area has better service that West Tex Disposal, but don’t take our word for it, ask our customers. Your container will be serviced every week, even on weeks with holidays, we do not have broken down trucks or lack of drivers.

GPS Tracking All our trucks are GPS enabled, we have real time access to our fleet meaning we have more tools to prevent any delays in servicing your container. 24/7 Pay by Phone – Pay your bill at any time through the phone. Auto Draft – Hate keeping up with bills? Let us handle your auto pay needs in our state of the art secured servers. Paperless and email Billing – Yes we also can so this. Web Account – Like to access your billing history and make payments online? Log into your web account. Pay Print Invoices, View Billing History, Receive updates and notifications.

We do not like “those” fees
It has been brought to our attention that many companies will charge you to make a payment over the phone, or a fuel and environmental fee. This is unethical. At West Tex Disposal we don’t charge you any of these fees.

Always Up
Our system’s are never down, with the capabilities of grid computing we have migrated our systems to a state where we are virtually always online. Your data is secured by state of the Art technology.

Late Model Fleets
All of our trucks are no older than 3 years, we do this in order to avoid breakdown and time-consuming repairs. Not providing you with the best service is not an option, therefore we are constantly investing in the newest trucks optimized for the waste industry.

Low Turnover
Keeping a low turnover is important because it creates stability in our workforce and your service. Employees become familiar with their day to day duties meaning your service gets even better. We pay our employees safety and attendance bonuses, to reduce stress they get weekends off, some we even pay their housing!



Order online or by phone and receive free delivery on our side load and front load service.


We are very punctual, it is rare for us to service you outside of your scheduled service day.


We maintain modern fleet to minimize downtime and improve your service.


Online ordering and account management. Access your account online to make payments, order service, view invoices or disposal tickets.